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Highlights of the February 18 22, 2019 Southeast Regional Winter Woodfest

John and Gary Size up the Camphor Log

Gary, the IWCS president cuts in to the crotch. Proceeds from the wood sales go directly into the IWCS operational budget.

"Thank you to all of the donors who supported the IWCS South East regional meeting at Lake Yale, Florida. Your donations help support IWCS's mission of advancing information on wood. Click here to view corporate donors."
  • IWCS Jan 31, 2019 - Hazards, Planning and Preparing for Working With Wood. 01/31/2019

  • John Hampton

    New -->John Hampton Article in PDF format - taken from WOW Journal. 03-13-2019


  • Index of Shrubwoods. Index of articles in the WoW of Shrubwood series. - 05-11-2018


  • Feb 2018 Membership Directory is now available in the Members section of the website. 05/05/2018

  • Jan/Feb 2019 WoW

    January/February 2019 WoW
    journal is now available in the Members section of the website. 11/24/2018

  • Now available, Southern African Wood (ISBN 781920217587, Briza Publications, Pretoria, RSA), authored by former IWCS members Stephanie Dyer (#9380), Danielle James and Barry James (#9381). It is a fully illustrated guide to the properties and uses of wood from 140 Southern African tree species. A handful of leather-bound collectors editions remain for $140.00 US dollars plus shipping and handling, and the standard hard cover books are $46.60 US dollars plus shipping and handling. These are discounted 20% for IWCS members. Non-members will be charged $168.50 + S&H for the collectors edition and $57.57 + S&H for the standard. Each copy will be signed by the authors. All copies will be shipped from Pennsylvania, USA. Reserve your copy today by contacting our Northeast Regional Trustee, Mark R. Peet. E-mail: . Updated 05-25-2018


  • IWCS Wood Specimen Kit order form with instructions for selecting and ordering wood specimens from IWCS. Gary is a professional Urban Forester/Sawyer and takes great pride in preparing high quality wood specimens, all properly seasoned, clean, well milled, free from dirt and defects and accurately identified and labeled. As of 08/06/2018


  • Guide to Wood Microtomy
    Guide to Wood Microtomy by Ernie Ives -- in the Members Only section under "Wood Identification Content" 121 pages -- Posted 12-07-2016


Gary Green-PresidentYesterday, I had the pleasure of addressing the Goshen (Indiana, USA) Woodworkers Guild. I asked ahead what they would like me to speak about in the allotted 20 minutes. Wood grading, was the answer. So, I worked to attempt to take a rather boring subject that really can't be well explained in even four hours and make it a fun 20 minutes. As it worked out, the audience, which included IWCS members Andy Sperry and Paul Troyer from the immediate area, was very interested and asked lots of questions and the 20 minutes turned into nearly an hour. I worked in a plug for the IWCS and got Andy and Paul's support. One member of the Guild said that he would definitely be joining and was looking forward to the Florida, USA, meet coming up in February. What means can you use to enlist new members?

Speaking of the Florida Winterfest Meet, it's been a cold and snowy, rainy autumn here in Northern Indiana, USA, so I'm really looking forward to some warmth and sunshine. I've replaced the tires on my travel trailer and bought a new pickup truck that will be pretty much filled with auction items which are already being assembled on a large pallet. I trust this will be replaced with an even larger volume of items from the auctions. I've spoken to two long-time members who plan to attend who have never attended a meeting so it will be great to meet them and also to see old friends. I hope to see you there as well. Elaine Hunt has put many hours into making preparations for this meet and I know we will not be disappointed. See the registration form on meets-future.html.

While on the subject of meetings, Mel and Sherrill Glick hosted a planning committee meeting of the 2019 AGM in Shipshewana, Indiana, USA. Members Roger and Lynn Pletcher, Paul and Kris Troyer, Carl and Evelyn Detweiler, and myself discussed what worked well and what didn't at the 2017 Shipshewana Meeting and plans are moving along well. We must not have caused much trouble at the 2017 meet as they are welcoming us back with open arms. The 2019 meeting will be held from September 16 - 19th, again at the very nice Farmstead Inn. Please see more information on meets-future.html. Hope to see you there!

Again, on the subject of meets, Morris Lake's account of the Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Australia meet once again made me kick myself for not attending. It looks like the 42 attending members had a wonderful meet. The history of this area as well as the diversity of the flora would have been fascinating for me.

You've probably heard this before, but if you don't attend our meetings, you are missing out on the best part of being a member. Likewise, hosting a meeting can be very gratifying. You may think your location doesn't have much to offer, but remember, you choose to live there. Others will enjoy it as well. It can be a lot of work, but it's mostly fun work. I recall Roger Pletcher mentioning right after the 2017 AGM that it went so well that he'd consider doing it again, and so it goes. Can't be that bad. Give it some thought.

  • Just a Piece of Wood
    Just a Piece of Wood
    - Innovative and interesting pieces of wood art. Thirty Three Wood Art Sculptures from everywhere found in an email.

  • Cryptococcosis lung disease caused by the inhalation of fungal sporesCryptococcosis is a lung disease caused by the inhalation of fungal spores of two species of Cryptococcus: Cryptococcus neoformans and Cryptococcus gattii. Cryptococcosis effects humans and animals (e.g., Australian koalas). 01/30/2019

  • Almost Extinct Tree Could Provide Powerful Cancer Fighting Properties Almost Extinct Tree Could Provide Powerful Cancer Fighting Properties 01/28/2019

  • Michael Blankenship Wood Turning Demonstration Michael Blankenship was an invited lecturer/demonstrator for the annual IWCS meeting in St. Charles, Illinois, USA. 01/12/2019

  • Thousands of Southerners Planted Trees for Retirement. It didn't work. Too much pine and not enough saw mills spell years of depressed prices for plantations. 10/11/2018

  • World of WoodMembership in IWCS gives you numerous benefits including - World of Wood, a 32 page bimonthly magazine; and Annual Directory of members, and access to wood information and members in some 30 countries on six continents. View a sample issue of the May/June 2018 WOW

  • IWCS Student Membership Application now includes the "student friendly" rate of $15 USD per year.

  • IWCS Wood Data Sheets. Listings of all ever published.

  •  Charles David Ray, Ph.D.Penn State Wood Pro News by Charles David Ray, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Ecosystem Science and Management Forrest News from Wood Pro Resources. Updated 04/06/2017

  • Wood blog Forest wood, timber, lumber, biomass, energy wood, pulp wood, wood furniture, wood buildings, and anything else woody you can think of. Because, well, wood is good. And you'll agree if you visit Go Wood every so often. So, read... enjoy... comment... share... and Go Wood! Updated 10/18/2018

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