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Welcome to IWCS - Advancing Information on Wood Since 1947

Founded in 1947, the International Wood Collectors Society is a non-profit Society devoted to distributing information on collecting wood, correctly identifying and naming wood specimens, and using wood in creative crafts.

People from all countries around the world are invited to join IWCS, enjoy the benefits of membership and discover more about nature's wonder material -- wood!

World of WoodCollecting wood and/or using wood creatively has to be one of the most unique hobby interests that you could ever pick. IWCS members around the world have formed a network for information exchange and mutual assistance.

Membership in IWCS gives you numerous benefits including - World of Wood, a 32 page bimonthly magazine; and Annual Directory of members, and access to wood, wood information and members in some 30 countries on six continents. View a sample issue of the May/June 2014 WOW or see the searchable index of articles published in the last nine years.
  • Peterson Portable Sawmill Demonstration to be held at IWCS AGM on September 5, 2014, 8am-5pm in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada.

  • IWCS is looking for an energetic volunteer to run the All-Mail Auction. Although called the "All-Mail" auction, the auction may be run via other formats (on-line, e-mail). Please touch base with your local trustee, Garry Roux, Bob Chastain, or Art Lee if you want to know more about the position. 01-19-2013

  • Member Listings and Requests - Listings by members of wood, wood specimens or other items wanted or for sale

  • Wood Specimen Kit Availability: See the Wood Collecting page; or click here for a link to the IWCS Wood Specimen Kit order form with instructions for selecting and ordering wood specimens from IWCS. Gary is a professional Urban Forester/Sawyer and takes great pride in preparing high quality wood specimens, all properly seasoned, clean, well milled, free from dirt and defects and accurately identified and labeled. 06-04-2013

  • African MapAFRICAN MAP AUCTION - IWCS is pleased to announce the auction of a framed wooden map of Africa, handcrafted by Allan Schwindt for the benefit of IWCS. The map weighs 13.2 lbs and is 32" X 32" X 2".
        E-mail bids in US dollars for the map will be accepted up until midnight Sunday EST, 31 August. You must be an IWCS member to bid by e-mail. Include your full name, member ID number, and bid amount in the email. Use African Map Auction in the email subject line. Send all bids to:
        We will post the high bid of the day in US dollars every day until 31 August. E-mail bidding will close before the start of the Annual General Meeting in Huntsville, Ontario. The high bid received by e-mail will be the starting bid for the live auction to be held on Saturday 6 September. If you are the high bidder and are not present, you are responsible for the packing and shipping from Huntsville to your home. If you know someone who lives nearby and will be attending the AGM, ask them to leave room in their car to transport it for you!

    HIGH BID: $425 - August 18, 2014

    Allan Schwindt sent this letter with the map:
        I had decided to make the Africa Map after having been there on 6 occasions over the past 25 years on bowhunting safaris. On all of these excursions I always took along an extra Navy issue duffle bag and it always came home full of wood and other hunting items. Sometimes the duffle bag would weigh as much as 70 lbs. A couple of times on the latter trips I had to bribe a baggage handler to get it on board the airplane, but the wood always made it home. Many of the local folks in Africa were very helpful in contributing to my duffle bag.
        Essentially, my goal was to use a wood species that was either from the Country represented or indigenous to that Country. I was able to get the help of several IWCS members, notably Jim Zoellner, Chuck Holder, Alan Curtis, Gary Green, Dave Mouat, and a few others. This wood collection process took far less than when I made the first World Map some years ago, obviously due to the number of pieces required.
        I have attached an Index of the woods used in the map which number 51. There are actually a number of smaller islands around Africa which are not included, primarily due to their size and location. At first Chuck Holder suggested that I use each Country’s Official Wood, but I found it difficult to extract this information. In many cases, wood color became a much more of a factor for the finished map.

    Index of woods used in the Africa Map

            Regards, Allan

  • Members Only Speciment List - The following wood specimens are in limited supply (1 – 30 of each) and are available to IWCS members only on a first come – first served basis. Limit of one of each specimen per order. Please send your requests to Gary Green, 9923 N 800 E, Syracuse, IN 46567, USA or . Please order by item number. I will fill the order and send an invoice with shipping costs and instructions for payment to the IWCS. Cost is US $5.00 each. All specimens have been donated and all proceeds will help underwrite the costs of running the IWCS. Thanks to you and to the donors! If you have rare or unusual material to donate for future listings let me know.

  • Photo 16Articles of Interest on the Web that members may find interesting or inspiring. If you know of an article that other members might enjoy send it to for approval to add it to the website. 09/01/2014

  • IWCS Student Membership Application now includes the "student friendly" rate of $15 USD per year.

  • Australia 2014 Newsletter 78 is now available. 08/10/2014

  • Sept-Oct 2014 WoW journal is now available in the Members Only section of the website. 08/27/2014

  • IWCS President Elaine Hunt announces Trustee acclamations of Wes Kolkmeier #9231 to the position of Trustee, Central Region, USA. 03-04-2014

  • Listings of all IWCS Wood Data Sheets ever published.

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