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Founded in 1947, the International Wood Collectors Society is a non-profit Society devoted to distributing information on collecting wood, correctly identifying and naming wood specimens, and using wood in creative crafts.

People from all countries around the world are invited to join IWCS, enjoy the benefits of membership and discover more about nature's wonder material -- wood! Collecting wood and/or using wood creatively has to be one of the most unique hobby interests that you could ever pick. IWCS members around the world have formed a network for information exchange and mutual assistance.

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  • Bill and Clema Perkins
    Clema Perkins wife of Bill Perkins
    passed away April 14, 2016. Funeral Services will be held on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 at 10 A.M. at Hopkins-Rector Funeral Home, with Pastor Bruce Adamson officiating. Click above link for Clema's obituary notice.
    They joined IWCS in 1982 and became Honorary Life Members in 1993. the member #3086. Bill is no longer in the nursing home and has returned to his home. His address is: Bill Perkins, 11443 No. CR 650 E, Roachdale, IN 46172 - posted 04/15/2016


  • Mark PeetMark Peet #9804L - Elected IWCS US North East Trustee posted 04/07/2016


  • Eric Krum #9467 - Appointed IWCS Corporate Membership Coordinator, April 03, 2016Eric Krum #9467 - Appointed IWCS Corporate Membership Coordinator, April 03, 2016 posted 04/06/2016


  • Exciting Lumber Sale for IWCS Members on May 21, 2016, beginning at 9:30 am, you are invited to participate in a sale of dozens of kinds of dry, ready-to-use, lumber. This sale will be held at the home of Bonnie Stere in Stayton, Oregon.
    Dave Stere, Bonnie’s husband, passed away last August. Dave was a professional woodworker who had accumulated a very large stock of dozens of kinds of woods. To name just a few there is: maple, ash, elm, dogwood, Russian olive, apricot, cherry, black walnut, oak, cedar, Douglas-fir, pine, red alder, apple, madrone, Pacific yew, and more. Much of the wood is surfaced, while some is rough cut. All is dry as Dave stored it in two large barns where we will be able to pick and choose what we like. All proceeds will go to Bonnie Stere.
    Bonnie’s address is: 19034 Old Mehama Rd. SE., Stayton, Oregon, 97383. Contact David Mouat via E-mail: posted 04/08/2016

  • Woodturners of Olympia
    2016 Symposium and Workshops
    , on July 23, 2016 in Olympia WA. More Details posted 03/21/2016

  • Gary Green - Elected IWCS President Elect on March 03, 2016Gary Green #6654L Elected President Elect on March 03, 2016 posted 03/03/2016


  • I am a survivor (only just) of the wide brown sweeping plains of inland Australia. My name is Bowyakka Bilby and I'm letting you know what is in store for you when you come to Charleville, Queensland in September 2016.
    Boyakka Bilby from Australia
    Boyakka Bilby (BB) Part 1
    , and Part 2. posted 01/18/2016

  • Listings of all IWCS Wood Data Sheets ever published.

  • Wood Specimen Kit Availability: See the Wood Collecting page; or click here for a link to the IWCS Wood Specimen Kit order form with instructions for selecting and ordering wood specimens from IWCS. Gary is a professional Urban Forester/Sawyer and takes great pride in preparing high quality wood specimens, all properly seasoned, clean, well milled, free from dirt and defects and accurately identified and labeled. 02-04-2016


  • Dr. Nathan Gale's Urn
    Click the link to see the story and urn made from cocobolo wood by Allan Schwindt for Dr. Nathan Gale's ashes. Dr. Gale's health is failing fast. Story is posted on the CRAFTS page. Posted 04/25/2016


  • Wood Collectors Society
    Interested in reading some of the early WCS (before we became international!) Bulletins? Corporate Membership Coordinator, Eric Krum has scanned several of the bulletins and they are posted in the Members Section. - 04-18-2016


  • Sunset at Lake Yale
    See more 2016 Lake Yale meeting photos
    by Jim Ciesla.

  • March/April 2016 WoW journal is now available in the Members Only section of the website. 03/08/2016

  • Penn State Wood Pro News

  • Go Wood blog

  • Members Only Specimen List - Ian McLaughlin, IWCS member from Australia, is moving and downsizing and has donated yet more of the Australian wood specimens that he has so nicely prepared. See full story ... As of 09/28/2014

  • IWCS Student Membership Application now includes the "student friendly" rate of $15 USD per year.

  • American Forests Big Trees 04/11/2016

  • The Disease That is Killing Native Hawaiian Trees 04/08/2016

  • Random Wood Art 04/06/2016

  • Chestnut Seedlings
    Chestnut trees blooming again in ET
    . Stacy Clark, research forester with the U.S. Forest Service's Southern Research Station, visits a planting site that tests for the survivability and growth rate of hybrid, blight-resistant chestnut trees in the wild Monday in the Cherokee National Forest. Six years ago the U.S. Forest Service planted 562 chestnut seedlings on this 1.5-acre plot to test how hybrid chestnuts bred for blight resistance fare in the wild. The project is at the forefront of research aimed at restoring the once-mighty chestnut tree to the Appalachian forest. (AMY SMOTHERMAN BURGESS/NEWS SENTINEL). 03/30/2016

  • Cooking Up A Box
    Cooking Up A Box
    . You've seen those quickie How To Make recipe videos on social media, here's a humorous spoof on those for woodworkers. By Nathan Rench. 03/15/2016

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